About Geneva Point

From Geneva Point, go and build a better world.

Partnering with other nonprofits...
Geneva Point Center is a unique nonprofit conference center and summer camp located on Lake Winnipesaukee. Our passion is to serve and support other nonprofit groups that do something distinctive to make the world a better place. We serve and seek to serve more organizations that nurture families, children and youth, promote healthy living and address important health issues, foster positive communities, respect the environment, inspire learning and spiritual growth and celebrate the arts.

Geneva Point Programs... Geneva Point also presents programming with the same intention to do something distinctive that helps renew and inspire people to go back to their homes and communities and make their worlds better.


Geneva Point is an exceptionally beautiful and increasingly rare sort of place. Protecting its natural environment and keeping it available and affordable for thousands of people to benefit from each year is central to our mission and values.

Our Mission

Through the beauty of our natural setting and inclusive hospitality, Geneva Point Center provides a place to rejuvenate, nurture relationships and prepare to build a better world.

Our Core Values

We offer hospitality that is welcoming and inclusive. We provide our guests with the setting and resources for relaxation, fun, recreation, learning, spiritual refreshment and reflection. We commit ourselves to responsible stewardship of our environment. We honor our ecumenical Christian heritage and our calling to serve.

Geneva Point History

The site and historic buildings located near the end to the Moultonborough Neck were originally developed as the Roxmont Poultry Farm, by the Greene brothers. Dr. J. Alfonzo and Dr. Frank E. Greene were the sons and heirs of Dr. Ruben Greene who made his fortune treating nervous disorders with his very own prescription remedy called “Nervura.” The Greene brothers eventually transformed the successful poultry farm into a family resort and their grand barn was remodeled into the Winnipesaukee Inn. In 1919, the property was purchased by the International Sunday School Association which merged with the International Council of Religious Education (ICRE) in 1922. The ICRE owned Geneva Point until 1950 when the ICRE become part of the National Council of Churches of Christ of America (today known as the National Council of Churches). In 1986, ownership was transferred from the National Council of Churches to the newly formed nonprofit corporation Geneva Point Center, Inc., which continues to own and operate the center today.

Quick Facts

  • 184 Acres
  • Mountain Views
  • Best Ice Cream
  • Winter Availability
  • 3 Beaches
  • Miles of Trails
  • Sleeps 400
  • Cozy Cabins
  • Tents and RVs
From this place go build a better world.

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