The Barn

Barn 2012 Front Exterior-076f117b7f9b32a9c32b4595308488d2.png

The Barn is one of Geneva Point's oldest and most historic buildings.

The Interior Chapel

Chapel Interior WA-508204347949a364a51b52b1cca9661b.png

The Chapel was built in 1930.

Chapel Line Cabins

Chapel Line 2012-d92e56f3daf8020e048bf27f7692d4a3.png

Located next to the Chapel, these cabins have a view of the Green.

Dock Road Cabins

Dock Road Cabins 2012-c37b46a241ac2f8839e35eda11748255.png

A cluster of nine rustic summer camp bunk houses.

College Row Cabins

College Row Cabins 2 2012-1ae62b941dba4b4d6504cf37b284eb1f.png

College Row is a cluster of six rustic summer camp bunk houses, located near the Meeting House.

Gibbs House

Gibbs House-d01c850c2fba37c4b5d9d636c254264c.png

This year round building has a kitchenette 2 large meeting rooms and 10 rooms each with a private bath

The Winnipesaukee Inn


The Inn has 29 rooms that share several common bathrooms and seven rooms that offer a half bath.

Lake View Lodge

Lakeview Lodge-ffe1703ee7218fbf71967bd45ed4b3d6.png

Lake View Lodge sits at the edge of Lake and has 10 rooms, each with a private bath.

Lake View Cabins

Lakeview Cabins-3185b0ed3275c62de531f6255f450c9d.png

Each of the 4 Lake View Cabins have 2 separate units that share a screen porch.

The Meeting House

Meeting House 2-35cf42e185c3535c63fc533723bc9b72.png

A year round building that features a great room and meeting rooms of various sizes.

Geneva Woods

Geneva Woods 2012-0586ce4e7f177eea74c4555c384fd2d9.png

Geneva Woods is a small semi-autonomous summer camp with 7 bunk cabins and a shower house.

The Outdoor Chapel

Outdoor Chapel-594fbb4fb407180dfc27b14c575b8c76.jpg

The Outdoor Chapel is nestled on the hill looking out across the Lake and to the mountains.

Stateline Cabins


The four Stateline Cabins each have a half bath, 1 queen bed, a built-in double bunk.

The Waterfront

1st Beach-ba2b1c735eae0e3c0cf1ac001a5fab61.png

GPC has nearly 1 mile of pristine shoreline on the lake including 3 private swimming beaches.

The Winni Scoop Shop

Interior Ice Cream-342e20062fa2ee45fda97a12aa017373.jpg

The Winni Scoop Ice Cream Shop is open daily in the summer.

Quick Facts

  • 184 Acres
  • Mountain Views
  • Best Ice Cream
  • Winter Availability
  • 3 Beaches
  • Miles of Trails
  • Sleeps 400
  • Cozy Cabins
  • Tents and RVs
From this place go build a better world.

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